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Meet our 2018-2019 Ambassador Team!

Brett Copeland

Brett Copeland is thrilled to return as a Conqur Endurance Group Ambassador for the second year! He started taking running serious in 2011 after a failed Air Force fitness test. He then set a goal to run his first half marathon which he completed in November of that year. Since then he has run 7 marathons, 26 half marathons, and numerous races at other distances. The 2018 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon will be his 4th in a row since relocating to Southern California. You can find him running all over Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and finishing with a pint at one of the many great breweries SoCal has to offer. You can follow him on Instagram at @run_for_beer.

Haley Kahn

Being born and raised in Boston, MA, Haley learned very early on that running is more than just a form of exercise, it is a way of life. Haley began her personal running journey when she moved to Los Angeles in 2011 as a way to stay connected to her home town as well as a way to stay in shape. After the events in 2013 at the Boston Marathon, Haley decided that she would run for her city, so that she could one day qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon. In 2016, Haley ran her first half marathon and first full marathon, followed by the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon this past year. Running became more than just a physical activity, it is her happy place, where she feels most inspired and she can’t wait to share that feeling with others!

Jenny Bradley

Jenny Bradley is a vegan pastry chef originally hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Happily settled in LA, she is a new runner, having picked up the sport a little over two years ago. At the age of 33 she looked in the mirror, run-down and out of shape, and decided she would do better for herself. Yoga led to strength training, which led to lacing up an old pair of running shoes, which led to her first half marathon in 2016! Since then she's run three more half marathons, as well as her first full, the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon in 2017 as a ConqurLA finisher. She is both proud and honored to be a part of the 2017-18 Conqur Endurance Group Ambassador team!

Ivie Hasegawa

Ivie started her running journey in efforts to get healthy and lose weight. Little did she know she would find something she would fall in love with and a community of people she couldn't live without. What started with 5Ks turned into half marathons and now marathons! Down 70 pounds and over two dozen marathons later, Ivie says that the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is by far her favorite race. Even after living in Southern California for 10 years, the course, the landmarks and of the ocean still make her excited and help fuel the run.

Jessica Bashaw

Born and raised in Southern California, Jessica has been running long distance since 2009 when a difficult breakup led her to sign up for a half marathon. Since then she has run everything from a 5K to a 100K and has completed two full Ironman triathlons. In addition to running she enjoys rock climbing, scuba diving, and seeking out the best coffee in LA. Her go-to run spot is Ocean Avenue/San Vicente in Santa Monica and her favorite place to refuel after a long run is anywhere with waffles and hash browns.

Linzie Starr

Linzie discovered his love for running by accident. In an effort to want to live a healthier lifestyle, he began jogging in 2011. He ran his first half marathon in May 2012. Fast forward, to date Linzie has run more than 50 half marathons and more than 25 half marathons including Boston, Chicago, New York City, and four Los Angeles Marathons. Linzie is the blogger and social media guru at and has built solid relationships throughout the running community. This is Linzie's fourth year as an ambassador for the Conqur Endurance Group and his third year as Captain of the team. He enjoys Disney, traveling, snacks, and spending time with his closest friends when he isn't running for the love of it. The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is his favorite marathon.

Miriam Macias

Miriam loves to run just like every runner out there. Los Angeles holds a very special place in her heart because she was born and raised there. At the age of 10, her only dream was to run the Los Angeles Marathon and in 2014 her dream came true. Ever since she started training for her first marathon in 2014, she started a running club at her university. Miriam enjoys to share and prove to others that running can be fun and anyone can do it too.

Tony Orozco

Born and raised in Southern California, Tony was never big enough for team sports so running helped keep him off the troubled streets. He's run many race distances, ranging from a 5k to obstacle course races and even up to an ultra marathon. He began racing six years ago and continues to strive to be the most elite version of himself possible. This is his fourth year as a Conqur Endurance Group Ambassador and looks forward to running his favorite race through his hometown; The Skechers Perfomance Los Angeles Marathon. Tony is inspired by people who are determined to reach their goals. He runs to reach his goals and hopes to inspire others to reach theirs.

Emelia Cellura

Emelia lives in Los Gatos, CA. She discovered a love for running after setting out to run just one half marathon. She has since ran over 75 half and full marathons. She shares her passion for running on her blog Half Crazy Mama. The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon remains one of her favorite races, and Emelia loves helping to motivate and inspire others to go after their goals!

Julia Patkowski

Julia Patkowski ran her first marathon in 2010 on the Stadium to Sea Los Angeles Marathon course and has been hooked ever since. Julia is a former downhill ski racer, track athlete, marathoner, and fitness instructor. Even though she grew up in four countries and three states she is happy to call California home and can usually be found running the strand in Santa Monica - wave if you run by!

Kristol Clyde

Kris is very excited to join the Conqur Endurance Group Ambassador team. The love and support she has received over the years has given her a new found strength. She found the strength to go back to school and finish her degree. Running allowed her to believe in herself even at times when it does not come easy. She hopes to inspire others, especially first time runners to take more strides in their life and achieve whatever goals they have.

Tony Ramos Jr

Tony is an avid hiker but also enjoys running. He has participated in the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon now for 5 consecutive years. Tony has made a commitment to continue running the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon as long as he can run and while living in the LA Area. He ran his first 1/2 marathon in 2013 and got hooked on not only running but also collecting all the medals (bling). Tony has most recently started running ultra marathons and participating in triathlons. When he is not participating in a race, you can find him up on a mountain. Tony hopes to inspire other to run the Los Angeles Marathon and believes it is great experience and accomplishment.

Laurie De Freitas

A Southern California native, Laurie grew up just twenty miles east of Downtown Los Angeles. This will be her third Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. A diehard Dodger fan, her favorite part of the course is the Start Line of the race, which takes place at Dodger Stadium. The electricity and excitement in the air is amazing for her and the other 24,000 runners. The Stadium to the Sea course is special to her as it is a trip down memory lane. Each landmark is a reminder of moments in her life she cherishes from her childhood spent in Little Tokyo as she is Japanese-American to the famous Santa Monica Pier, where she walked after work as an adult. She looks forward to running 26.2 magical miles next March with everyone.

Pretty Soelaiman

Pretty found herself in her 30s and decided to do something fun to stay in shape besides hitting the gym. She found a run club in Summer 2010 and started running with them. She was inspired listening to other runners stories during the practice runs. A few months later she heard about a local half marathon and made the jump. The journey didn’t stop there. She discovered the thrill of marathon running and so, 50 states for her 50th birthday is her current goal. The 2012 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon was her first full marathon and has been her annual tradition since. Pretty is a proud Angeleno, born and raised in Indonesia, Los Angeles has been her second hometown for almost twenty years.

She is a true believer that everybody can run and be healthy and happy a 9 min mile or 15 min mile is still a mile at the end of the day.

Miaomiao Yi

Miaomiao has been involved in running for many years as a competitive athlete, coach, and as a representative for international athletes participating in events in the United States. Prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2014, she achieved many running accomplishments including a personal best marathon time of 2:38, a first place at Japan OME International 30K Road Race, and she is currently the Woman’s record holder in China. Miaomiamo earned a second place finish at the 2004 Hangzhou Marathon, the Sister City race of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. Miaomiao enjoys working with youth, adults and elite athletes to promote nutrition and exercise and her favorite foods are seafood, Japanese food, and veggies. Miaomiao currently lives in China.

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