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The Los Angeles Marathon has become the epitome of combining health and fitness with entertainment and personal achievement. It is a journey of a million steps that culminates in one of the most magical days of your life. The memories of the sights and sounds along the course will last a lifetime. From the iconic landmarks along the route of one of the world’s great cities, to the athletes and the spectators that will inspire you to new heights.

As with all of the best things in life, this menagerie of color and excitement is built on the people. People just like you. Those who have risen in the early morning hours to take those first steps. Understanding that everyone faces their own personal challenge, striving to make each day better than the last, to embrace the journey and reap the rewards.

As we count down to the 35th running of the Los Angeles Marathon, it is time to tell your story. To inspire as others have inspired you. To share your road to redemption, to rise above adversity, to fulfill your dreams. This will be your story.

Beginning on July 8 is a landmark series that will provide you with all of the motivation you will need to complete your Los Angeles Marathon journey.

This is 35 Reasons Why.

Will you or someone you know be running the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon and do you believe that your story should be part of the 35 Reasons Why series? Simply fill out the form on our website and if your story inspires our producers, we’ll be in touch!

March 8, 2020, is a day where dreams become reality. Will it be your dreams?

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