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The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is committed to bringing you a more sustainable marathon. Green your running habits with us while we pursue certification from the Council for Responsible Sport!


What does a more sustainable marathon look like? It means considering our race's impact on the environment, creating partnerships with green companies and offering more sustainable options for our participants.


  1. We are constantly improving our sustainability strategy and execution under the guidance of the Council for Responsible Sport
  2. We will measure, manage and report on Environmental and Social performance
  3. We will be transparent about our operations through digital communication, signage and outreach
  4. Implementing paperless registration for both race participants and volunteers
  5. Using portable toilets with biodegradable hand soap, recycled paper products and eco-friendly deodorizer


Our goal is to divert a minimum of 75% of waste on race weekend.

  1. Encouraging expo and race vendors to minimize and recycle packaging
  2. Recycling Heatsheets through Blankets to Boards
  3. Recycling plastic water bottles and cardboard containers
  4. Providing virtual goodie bags
  5. Best in class waste management stations in partnership with the local municipalities


  1. Donating unused food to local food banks
  2. Collecting and donating all discarded clothing at the start to local organizations
  3. Our Health and Fitness Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center which was the 1st U.S. convention center of its size and age, and the first LA city building to achieve LEED certification.
  4. Working with under-represented groups and non-profit organizations, such as Students Run LA,, to reduces barriers to participation in our event
  5. Our official marathon training program, the LA Road Runners prepares runners of all abilities for the marathon while teaching healthy training skills to people new to the sport.
  6. Encouraging participants to visit locally owned businesses in the LA metro area during race weekend
  7. Taking an active and positive role in our outreach efforts to all businesses, churches and neighborhoods located along the course as a means of mitigating race day impact.
  8. Building partnerships with quality local non-profits that can most benefit from the exposure and fundraising opportunities provided by the event.
  9. Providing an inclusive environment that welcomes under-represented and differently-abled individuals to participate in our event.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint race weekend by taking public transit, biking or sharing rides with friends and family
  2. Consider volunteering for a shift with our Green Team during race weekend to help with our recycling and composting effort
  3. Help our Green Team by disposing of trash in the proper receptacles.The more we can recycle and compost the less waste that will end up in a landfill!
  4. Use a reusable bottle on race day and refill it at the water stations along the course.



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